Rocco’s True Anal Stories 01 (1998)

Director: Rocco Siffredi

Starring: Hakan, Christoph Clark, Dina Pearl, John Walton, Kelly Stafford, Marcela, Marina Gold, Patricia Orsoya, Pavel Sahaj, Petra Noir, Stephanie Silver, Richard Langin, Roberto Malone, Rocco Siffredi, Sophie Call, Silvia Saint

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Description: The Italian Stallion’s epic Billiards gangbang starts off the action when Rocco wins a bet and claims the prize: a hardcore romp with Dina Pearl on the pool table in front of the assembled guests. The whole affairs quickly becomes an orgy that includes Christoph Clark and two other guys plowing their way through five girls in a feast of anal, double penetration, ass to mouth and finally, lots of cum swallowing by cock thirsty Eurosluts. Next up is Superstar Sylvia Saint in a cinematic experience with boy toy Hakan enjoying her perfect body, including her sweet ass in a movie theater. John Walton and Petra provide the customer service in this four person cine-sex party. Pavel’s the hero who saves Ivana’s life and is repaid with the best suck and fuck of his life! Of course, every hole is his to have, and yes, he cums in her pretty mouth to finish it off. Finally we get Kelly Stafford and Rocco’s first encounter. The dirty English girl shows Rocco how she likes it and Rocco explores her entire body before power fucking her ass causing while she moans madly with each thrust of his huge cock. As one would expect, Rocco sprays his cum across her face leaving her exhausted and ruined for mere mortal men

Date: July 9, 2024