Mother Knows Best (1971)

Director: Ben Rose
Studio: Thomas J. Manning & Associates, Alpha Blue Archives

Starring: Suzanne Fields, Candy Samples, Bambi Allen, Lynn, Susan, Connie, Marilyn, Sandy, Jennifer, Joyce, Karen, Norman Fields, George ‘Buck’ Flower, Ben Rose, Thomas J. Manning
—Candy teaches her little daughter Suzanne everything she needs to know about sex with a very “hands-on” approach
—The goofy adventures of a hooker named Flame, as she turns tricks and teaches her daughter Flower, the ways of the business
—Flame, an experienced hooker teaches her teenage daughter Flower the tricks of the trade. First they go to a motel and have sex with receptionist and his sexy wife. Later they meet a pimp on the street and have group sex with other prostitutes

Date: April 3, 2023