Sweet Secrets (1977)

Director: James Richardson
Studio: Ramar Productions, Essex Video, Electric Hollywood

Starring: Jack Benson, Astrid Larsson, Joey Silvera, Richard Calder, Robin Luckley, Ann Hess, Violette Wilde, Rita Lanning, Laurien Dominique, Veronica Taylor, Karla, Sunshine, Donald Wright, Barbara Robbins, Jeremy Slade

—Everybody has them… The sweetest secrets unfold in this obscure erotic tale as several couples reveal layers of unbridled sexual fantasies. You’ll witness sensual emotions and dark, decadent fantasies divulged from the very first frame. With a virtually unknown cast, “Sweet Secrets” allows us to peek into the hidden desires of everyday people.
There’s an honest attempt here at storyline porn, as film noir styled antihero Martin Owens (one-shot Jack Benson, a young Tommy Lee Jones type) sets up a safe-cracking job in tandem with inside man Blake (Jeremy Slade in a non-sex role).
He gets a job as a handicrafts man at Miss Amy Foster’s mansion/antique emporium. As Foster, Astrid Larsson is styled as a cold, severe woman, but she gets off masturbating while peeping at Martin servicing her other employee Shirley (played by the lovely Violette Wilde, who deserved a career).
Larsson gets out a phallic object d’art (solid gold penis) from her safe to pleasure herself with, and it is this item that Martin is out to steal.
—A thief gets a job as a handyman at a high-end antique shop in order to steal a very valuable object–a solid-gold dildo.

Date: October 18, 2023