Long Jeanne Silver (1977)

Alex De Renzy was no stranger to cinematic controversy within the world of adult film, having not only spearheaded the advent of un-simulated sex on screen with his 1970 pseudo documentary Pornography in Denmark, but further pushing those boundaries with such infamous Times Square titles as Femmes De Sade and this little picture, titled Long Jeanne Silver. The film adopts a “fly on the wall” approach for what is essentially a loop carrier for adult film star Jeanne Silver, who introduces each segment with ad-libbed anecdotes about her life and sexual behavior before cutting to the action at hand. The main selling point for Long Jeanne Silver in the annals of adult cinema, however, was the fact that Silver was rendered an amputee during childhood, a fact which De Renzy exploits here in every scene. This gives Long Jeanne Silver a vibe which has almost as much in common with Italian-style mondo exploitation as it does with home grown, American pornography. Take, for example, a scene where Silver is speaking on the couch with two performers prior to their sex sequence. The actress is flipping through her legendary layout for the now-defunct Cheri magazine and speaking frankly about sex before she breaks character and begins crying. It’s a very real scene which is difficult to watch. There are some sequences here in the film which are genuinely erotic-particularly the opening scene with Joey Silvera and Amber Hunt-but Long Jeanne Silver for the most part is an envelope pushing film which centers its focus straight onto Jeanne and her special talents….with no holds barred and no stone unturned. Is it for everyone? No, but De Renzy’s film is certainly a interesting snapshot of an “anything goes” era of adult cinema over in San Francisco during the wild ‘n wooly 1970s

  • Scene 1. Amber Hunt, Long Jean Silver, Joey Silvera
  • Scene 2. Long Jean Silver, guy
  • Scene 3. China Leigh, Long Jean Silver, Lori Blue
  • Scene 4. Long Jean Silver, Sandy Pinney, Paul Thomas
  • Scene 5. brun, Long Jean Silver
Date: April 10, 2023