Il medico… la studentessa (1976) Silvio Amadio

Director: Silvio Amadio
Studio: Domiziana Internazionale Cinematografica

Starring: Gloria Guida, Jacques Dufilho, Pino Colizzi, Nieves Navarro, Ric, Augusto Bonardi, Nicoletta Amadio, Antonietta Caputo, Gloria Poletti, Enrico Beruschi

Description: Guida plays a recent high school graduate who is forbidden from going on a vacation with her friends after her overprotective military colonel father (Jacques Dulfino) has a strange dream about her being abused by savages. Stuck at home, she decides to entertain herself by seducing the handsome doctor/college professor (Pino Colizzi) who lives next door. After he (quite unbelievably) spurns her amorous advances, she decides to sneak into his house and catches him en flagrante with her voluptuous stepmother (Nieves Navarro). She takes pictures of them together and uses them to blackmail, humiliate, and generally take revenge on the adulterous couple.

Alternative Title:
Liebe ohne Stundenplan
The Doctor and the Sexy Student

Date: August 22, 2023