World Sex Tour 01 (1995)

Director: Christopher Alexander
Studio: Anabolic Video

Starring: Anita Blond, Coralie Trinh Thi, Ed Powers, Erika Bella, Eva Malm, Felecia, Gianfranco Romagnoli, Jacqueline Wild, John Stagliano, Mark Davis, Max Bellocchio, Nadia Nice, Penelope, Randy West, Rebecca Lord, Sean Michaels, Stefania Sartori, Suzy Cat

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—Sweet, innocent, French 18 year old Penelope was kind enough to share her beauty (and ass) with Anabolic stud Mark Davis, this young lady is so shy I’m still amazed that we were lucky enough to shoot her! Hungarian nymphet Suzy Cat takes on both Sean Michaels and Mark Davis in a pussy pounding 3-way that had her moaning in ecstasy, what a cutie! Anita Blonde is not a screamer, but she makes up for it with her Hungarian beauty as she and Sean indulge in a little fireside romance. Parisian Coralie told me “sex is boring in the bed” so we went out to one of her favorite sex spots – the METRO (subway) in Paris, where she kept Mark and Sean happy, sweating, and maybe a little nervous. Jacqueline Wild, and incredibly HOT Hungarian takes Mark deep up her ass and loves every inch. Girls like this put American Stars to shame! We saved the best for last: Erica Bella, Stephanie Sartori and our two horny studs, show us – Anal, Double Penetration, cum swapping, passion, heat and more! All this for your viewing pleasure. These girls not only blew my mind, they stole my heart! ENJOY and feel free to let me know where you think we should go next! Thanks, Christopher Alexander
—The very first tour of wh0res! Shot in France and full of extra nasty action! Seven european beauties share their beauty, and their bodies, with the globetrotting Anabolic stud crew! Innocent 18 year old French beauty Penelope lets Mark Davis probe her anally! Hungarian Nymphet Suzy Cat takes on Mark and Sean in an incredibly hot 3-way that had her moaning in ecstasy. Watch these european nymphos do things that put American starlets to shame

Date: July 6, 2024