Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes 01 (1993)

Director: Ed Powers
Studio: 4-Play Video

Starring: Sunset Thomas, Rebecca Wilde, Ed Powers, Zack Thomas, Randy West, Tom Depth
Description: When Bus Stop Tales and Dirty Debutantes was created, it was a series dedicated to finding new people willing to experience, wanting to experience an adult and sometimes a sexual situation for the first time on camera. The series grew but the frustration in the Dirty Debutantes wasn’t finding the people, it was in editing. How to bring so much variety to life, but in order to bring you that much variety, so much ended up edited out! Gone! Ed has read all of those letter requesting to see what was edited out…

deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0043.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0046.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0049.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0085.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0130.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0147.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0174.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0182.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0192.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0233.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0234.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0289.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0291.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0345.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0358.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0366.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0368.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0375.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0378.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0393.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0401.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0457.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0465.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0466.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0486.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0495.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0509.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0510.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0518.jpg deep-inside-dirty-debutantes-01-1-mp4-0532.jpg

Now, it’s back to the egg! The original intentions are back on track! All new material! Virtually unedited, less variety but more of that first time essence and tease which proved the Debutante and Bus Stop series different form the rest! Ed goes deeper than ever before! Introducing to you that moment of indecision, that first step one makes doing something new and exciting for the first tie, that sexual awakening that you’ve witnessed before but this time you’ll go Deep Inside Dirty Debutantes, a new experience with each scene… Volume One introduces Rebecca Wilde, a bit reserved at first but soon to become a big star in the adult biz. See her before she ever picks up a script and ACTS for the camera! The excitement builds when, five months after giving birth and after over one and a half years out of the biz, when she only worked with her husband, Sunset Thomas returns! Sunset chooses lucky Ed to be the first other guy she works with and a backdoor experience to beat it all! Then the husband, Zack joins in, then Randy West joins in, they all join in… Are we getting deep or what? This video is dedicated to bring you first time experiences, as many new faces as possible, or those that want to take the next step for you, no tricks, no scripts, all spontaneity! Hard to the core

Date: July 6, 2024