World Sex Tour 02 (1995)

Director: Christopher Alexander
Studio: Anabolic Video

Starring: Angelique, Coralie Trinh Thi, Ed Powers, Erika Bella, Eva Malm, Felecia, Francesco Malcom, Gaia Borromeo, John Stagliano, Mark Davis, Max Bellocchio, Mylene, Nadia Nice, Randy West, Raphaella, Rebecca Lord, Sean Michaels, Suzy Cat

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Description: Sexy Swedish slut Eva show Anabolic Studs Mark Davis & Sean Michaels an impassioned 3-way including an anal pounding and a dripping oral finish. Bra busting Brazilian beauty Angelique shares her two ton tatas with Mark Davis who happily hefts her humongous hooters and finishes with a fevered facial frosting. Young French whores Raphaella & Mylene get the ass reamings they crave, and then provide us with an impressive cum swapping finish. Sexy, shaved, cock craving Parisian Coralie, opens her front and backdoors to out two studs for some impressive DP action and an oral finish! Hungarian sweetheart Suzy Cat was so hot in Vol. #1 we had to bring her back, this time she opens up her backdoor for Sean Michaels’ massive manhood (OUCH!) We saved the most incredible feat for last. Petite Italian nymphet Gaya takes both our 2 horny studs in the vagina at the same time, unbelievable! Anal, double penetraion, cum swapping, passion, heat and more! All for your viewing pleasure. These girls are awesome. Enjoy!

Date: July 6, 2024