Inside Little Oral Annie (1984)

Director: Joseph W. Sarno (as Kenneth Morse)
Studio: Evart Enterprises, Video-X-Pix

Starring: Little Oral Annie, Carol Cross, Danielle, Joseph Black, Cara Lott, Taija Rae, Klaus Multia, Anne Cummings, Johnny Nineteen, George Payne, Marvin Hempstry, Michael Knight, Alan Adrian

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—Unforgettable… Annie intros each scene on a dark soundstage while in the middle of a blowjob. The guy cums in the middle of the intro. This happens every time, including once when the guy, anguished, asks “Are we rolling?!??” right before he pops
—Little Oral Annie introduces scenes of her sexual adventures with impressive displays of her noted oral talents
—“My name is Little Oral Annie and I love sucking dick”! She will go down in history as the “BLOW JOB QUEEN” and she is certainly one of the most experienced sword swallowers of all time. Little Oral Annie truly gave new meaning to the word “DEEPTHROAT” and she is sometimes referred to as the “CINDERELLA OF ORAL SEX”. In this amazing classic from the true golden age of porn, Little Oral Annie is accompanied by some of the hottest sluts of classic cinema, like Danielle and Taija Rae.
These girls cannot survive without a hard cock in their mouth, vagina or anus. Annie takes on a “point of view” type of approach in this film, as she speaks directly into the camera, and introduces each scene, while her mouth is full of hot cock. Annie is always very cheery and she helps to make her fans very aware of her presence on camera, like when she tells the male viewer, “I’d love to have my lips around your cock”!
The interactive relationship between Little Oral Annie and the viewer is intense, and one main reason why this film was way ahead of its time. This is Video-X-Pix’s best selling film of all time. A must have for any collector of vintage material from the golden age of porn.

Date: July 4, 2024